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Post  Rugbybraindead on Sun Mar 08, 2009 3:52 pm

One word.... shocking. We surely know the numbers attending these pre match lunches yet we contrive to balls it up. Chicken dry as a nuns chuff,gravy like water(when you got some)Roast potatoes , new potatoes , lost in the great North Staffordshire potato famine of Saturday the 7th March resulting in half the tables getting none (including the match sponsors who fair play took it in good spirit , well Abbey ale supplied by me). I do not know the details of the caterers franchise,contract or otherwise but if i was paying ......well i wouldnt. Add to that due to the lack of starchy product on my meal i decided at half time a Wrights Pie (they are our sponsors you know)would be in order , only to be told We have sold out! WTF i thought! You can have a bowl of chips though said our erstwhile cateress. What!! No roasters but we have chips! Were they made from chonnucks or swede i asked? No ,potato she replied. £1 a bowl. I see we have an entrepeneur in our midst ! Seeing as how i never got a spud on my main course perhaps she would like to make it up to me i enquired? The answer was in the negative. I am certain the vinegar bottle was filled with the previously mentioned gravy as the flavour was very familiar.A number of people were complaining as those of us past our playing days rely on a starchy diet for sustenance and to maintain our portly profiles. If there is a problem regarding the attainment of said product which i know are now up to the princely sum of 8 p a pound (18pkilo)please let me know and i will provide our caterers with the number of a source. T***O Twisted Evil


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