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Post  Rugbybraindead on Sun Mar 08, 2009 3:27 pm

A spirited performance and much better than previous weeks i have attended. At 11-6 we were still in it but errors in the final third cost us in the end when we had them under pressure after their yellow card. Our mainstay in past seasons ,the pack ,just couldnt seem to drive them off the rucks and consequently we had very slow or lost ball. Still we should survive(just) and we should start re building now and that starts on the training pitch.


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Post  doug finney on Sun Mar 08, 2009 5:08 pm

Longton 6 Kenilworth 16
Another 1st team defeat, but I believe we have started to turn things around. Every player wearing a Longton shirt on Saturday tried their best to win( sometimes trying too hard). I'm sure that a high flying Kenilworth team came to Trentham Fields expecting an easy win, and it certainly looked that way when they scored an easy try very early on. But this Longton side seems to have a bit more bottle and worked its way back into the game, to end the first half only 8 - 3 behind and the smiles had vanished from the Kenilworth players and travelling faithful. The second half saw Longton spend long periods in the opposition's 22 and, although scoring from an early penalty, a combination of indiscipline and poor ball retention, let them down. This failure to convert pressure into points was finally punished when Kenilworth broke away and scored a second try late on.
The look on our players faces after the match showed how disappointed they were to have lost. Something that hasn't always been the case in the past. They appear to have some pride and comitment to the Club again.
There are only 4 league matches to go and we desperately need another win to give us a chance of survival in Midlands 1. Let's all pull together, get behind the team and give them all the support we can.
But remember, survival this season is only the start of putting things right and we all need to do whatever we can to push this great club forward. So dont just stand on the balcony or in the bar, moaning and groaning about things. Get down to pitchside and encourage the players. It's not just down to them, we can all make a contribution.

doug finney

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Post  Hibbo on Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:06 pm

Well done Longton. A big improvment. I took time out from the thirds to look at your game and after the game I pointed out to the Referee where last weeks Assesor told him he needs to work on (move the player from the takle as 5 cards come from slowing the game down). But the rest of his game was below par. When we understand as a team to listen to the referee we will get better - instead of moaning "he's crap" after we have 3 in the bin and have lost. Referees talk to help players, so let's start and clean out the ear wax! 5 yellow cards between two teams for the same offence. With another Referee, after 4 yellows it would be a red, so please listen to the Referee (you can not play with out him, and it does not matter how good or bad he his). A good team learns quickly.


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