Do the 'blood capsules' make you see red?

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Do the 'blood capsules' make you see red? Empty Do the 'blood capsules' make you see red?

Post  Heathcote-roader on Thu Sep 03, 2009 6:38 am

The Harlequins fiasco seems to be digging an even bigger hole for itself. Last reports say the hole is as deep as Edensor Marlhole. I was annoyed to hear one justifying comment on the radio that such cheating has to be accepted as part of the professional game because it is a case of guys who have to make a living.

Now we all know that the amateur game is just a nano-bit short of perfect, but surely to say there is a professional attitude to the rules which differs from the view and attitude of an amateur is just not true. The ethics of the game are the same whether you are am or pro.

Any views?


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