Things going nicely - Pre Season

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Things going nicely - Pre Season Empty Things going nicely - Pre Season

Post  Hughsey on Sun Jun 28, 2009 5:28 pm

Things are going well at the moment fellahs! Lets all get out to preseason and welcome the challenge that this season brings. Just a thought while im on... when you are sat on the sofa or driving home from work and your looking at the rain teaming down and that horrible little gremlin of doubt creeps into your mind and suggests giving training a miss (we have all been there), just think of the benefit that running around twice a week with a ball in your hand has on your own state of mind, the clubs overall well being and most importantly the effect it will have on that first game of the season against Sandbach! Embrace the pain, enjoy it, work to win!! Bring on Pre Season. Wilson you will not break me.... lol


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