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Post  IanP on Wed May 04, 2011 3:07 pm

Prince Charles is driving in the grounds of Sandringham in his Aston Martin, like he does, when he accidentally reverses over one of the corgis, crushing its head and making a right awful mess of exploded guff over the gravel.

He exclaimed "what the dickens!", and being one of the second favourite pets of the Queen he starts to get in a bit of a panic about it.

Just then from under the drivers seat slides a lamp and a genie appears who tells him that he can be granted just one wish. But on appearing and seeing the mess on the drive, he says but I warn you I can't do anything about the dead dog.

So Charles thinks for a minute, and he says. I want you to make Camilla more beautiful.

To which the genie replies...

let's have another look at that dog.


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