Midlands 1 survival or Staffs Cup?

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Midlands 1 survival or Staffs Cup? Empty Midlands 1 survival or Staffs Cup?

Post  doug finney on Tue Feb 24, 2009 10:10 pm

Its a bit disappointing to see us even thinking this way. Yes, I do understand that we have some major injury issues; I also realise that we do not have the strength in depth that we have enjoyed in previous seasons and that our league position is worrying to say the least. But does capitulating on the Staffs Cup semi final guarantee us league survival? I dont think so.
Which of our remaining 5 league fixtures are we targeting as potential wins? All of them I hope or we are just relying on Bedford losing their games and only 1 side going down.
If we loose in the semi final, against a good Walsall side, then so be it, but let's not loose before we get there. We should be looking for the win this saturday to give us a boost for the remaining league fixtures and something to look forward to at the end of the season - another appearance in the Staffs Cup Final.
Now is the time for the club to pull together, its easy when you're winning. Try doing it when things are going wrong. Longton must put out their strongest side this saturday and every saturday. If some players are out through injury, look to the 2nd and 3rd teams for replacements. But dont sell those players short by arguing League or Cup?

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