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Post  IanP on Wed Oct 28, 2009 10:32 am

A few members of a local Scuba diving club went diving off the South coast, amongst them was Jim and Wilma, a husband and wife who always dived together. On the last dive they got separated, Jim surfaced ok, but his wife was nowhere to be seen. They initiated a search but after a long day and night, it was called off and Jim went back home alone and heartbroken.

The next day the club Diving Officer (DO) knocked on Jim's front door and said "I'm really sorry Jim, but I've got some bad news, some good news and some very good news",

Fearing the worst Jim said "Give it to me straight, what's the bad news"?

"Well we've found your wife's body" came the solemn reply,

"Oh my God" wept Jim...... after a while he said "well, what's the good news"?

"You wouldn't believe it" said the DO excitedly "when we brought her up, we got 2 large crabs and 3 huge lobsters!!!"

After some time Jim said "what's the very good news then"?

"Well, we're going to bring her up again, tomorrow morning!" The DO retorted.


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